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The ice skating compation

The Surprise Birthday Party

Hi my name is Chloe I am 13 years old and today is my brothers birthday. I am going to surprise him with a party he is 6 years old turning 7. Right now he is in soccer and while he’s gone I’m going to invite my friends their names are Robin and Rose and there going  to help with the surprise party. Hi, said Chloe to her friends Robin and Rose. You are here Robin said let’s start making the cake, okay said Chloe and Rose. Chloe said pass the sugar please, okay said Robin, pass the butter said Rose,  okay said Chloe, pass the milk said Robin, okay said Rose. Chloe said my brother is on his way soon in about 10 more minutes until he comes. Okay said Rose we better get the cake in the oven okay said Robin .

The cake is ready explained Chloe just in time your brother is here explained Robin. Everybody hide and I’ll off the lights said Robin. 123 jump! Chloe’s brother was so surprised and happy. So they all ate the cake and had fun all day.



The Greatest trip to Paris

No no no I can’t find what to wear. No too small,  no too big,  no to striped, no too plain, well that’s my socks so sorry.

My name Ashly I am 10 year’s old I know what you are thinking 10 should obviously now how to pick their clothes,  but I can’t stop thinking of my big trip to Paris. Don’t tell me you have not been to Paris before, Paris is a dream. As you now a 10 year old girl could not go to Paris by herself right? I am going to Paris with my older sister  Pera, Luckey my dog , my Mom and Dad. You probably now that I would not go to Paris if i did not speak French right.Well I speak french with my family all the time “I no I no” it is not fair for a family that speaks french has not been to Paris right.

Girls hurry up said mom we don’t want to miss our plane. D’accour maman said Pera just to help you d’accour means in English ok and maman means mom.I probably have to translate what my family says to each other. They sometimes speak English but we speak french way more. Allors veux-tu rester a le maison ou a Paris? said Pera. I know, what did she say? that’s what your thinking. She said so are you going to stay here or go to Paris?

Do you know that it is  going to be to hard for you to understand this book.I will ask my parents and sister if they could speak English more. So I went to the airport with my family. At the airport we had to get our boarding passes then we went to this machines that we had to take off our shoes and put our luggage in the box. Then on the camera we saw what was inside it, it was so cool. After that we got our luggage then went on the  plane.The plane had TV’s and I sat beside Pera. It took really long till we got to the other airport. Mom I am hungry can I please have a snack I said. Pera could you please buy your sister a snack said mom. Fine lets go said Pera. So me and Pera went to McDonald and I got chicken nuggets.

After that our second plane was here. Me and Pera were running as fast as we can to get to the plane with my mom and dad, we made it just in time they were about to lock the gate. When we  entered the plane it had TV. This time I sat with dad, the flight took a long time. Finally we got to Paris we stayed in a hotel called Golden Hotel Paris.After we dropped our luggage at the hotel. We went to, you know, it  the Eiffel Tower the first place everyone would go when they just came to Paris. When we got there so many people were there, we took the stairs. It looked great  as we went up and even higher it looked amazing.

After that we went back to the Hotel to sleep.I woke Pera up, wake up I said. Today were going to Disneyland! I shouted. Sorry sorry just for your information I have not gone to Disneyland but I am so glad that I am going today, said Ashley.So we whent to Disneyland and hade the best time there ,and trust me i wish you were there cause that was the best vacation ever had.




The Big mystery

Hi my name Cora I am 12 year’s old I have a older sister named Kait she is 16 year’s old my school is Florentina Spring hills school.My best freinds are Telly and Maren,and I notice that there is a mystery going on I know a little bit that Acher told me he said someone is stealing things from everyone.Me and my best friends are trying to fined out who.Come on said Kait we don’t want to be late for school again.I just can’t fined what to were for school I said.Just get a shirt and pants then we can go said Kait.Fine I said.So me and Kait walked to school.When I got in Telly and Maren pould me to the courner.whaaaaaaaaaa!!! i shouted.Did you see that person? said Maren he had

black pants and a black shirt said Telly.Who is he I said. I don’t now who he is but who ever he is he looks mysterious  said Maren.He might be new to the school but  I have never seen eneyone were all black ,actally only on black day  we wore  black said Telly.But if your new at a school why would you  wear all black? I said.Well lets keep a eye on him,maby he could be the theaf I said .Your right said Maren.Guy’s it’s time for my math class said Telly.Meet you guy’s at lunch? You beat said Maren.When I was walking to class I saw Taylor he was looking at other pepole’s cubys  and snapping thing with his phone but he did not wear black.I ran to class befor he could see me I wonderd

maby he changed cloths could it be I thout.At class Ms.Alexsander gave us a  paper that has lots of pepole on the paper .On the paper it had  clothes that you had to guess what color  of clothes  they wearing.This was the perfect way to fined the theaf I thout.Bye seeing if Taylor was wearing black or if he changed .When everyone was done Mrs.Alexander took all the papers and said if it was right or not right.Mine was not right.This mystery was harder than I thout,after class it was lunch time, I sat beside Maren and Telly.Did you guy’s fined out anything said Telly.I found out that Taylor was looking at closets and taking pictures but not wearing all black I said.Thats funy said

Maren I saw Taylor too and he was wearing black.How is that possible?said Telly.I don’t now but I now how to fined out I said.How? said Maren.If we could fined Taylor at resess we could see if he changed or not I said. Great ideai said Telly.DING!!! the bell rang.Come on I said.At resess we saw Taylor playing soccer with his friends.He was not wearing black.How are we going to fined this theaf? said Maren.Your right I don’t think we can do this said Telly.Guy’s we can’t just stop here I said, we need to keep on going.Ok frist we don’t now if Taylor has two extra clothes yet I said.Maby we can ask him later beacuas right now he is playing soccer said Maren.Right I said.Then the bell rang to go inside.DING!!! Princable Quintline said there is someone new in the school we will all welcome him

bye saying hello in the gym said princable Quintline on the intercom.Every time there is someone new in the school the princable alway’sais that everone as to say hello to that person.Guy’s you now how we saw that  person that was wearing black,and Telly you said he could be new, maby he is,I said.Well lets fined out said Maren.So we all sat down together and the princabal  introduced the new kid. That just looks like Taylor? I thout.Is that taylor? said Tilly.I realy don’t know I said.This Terry Taylor’s twin brother said princable Quintline.Twin brother! everyone said at the

same time in the gym.He looks just like Taylor said Maren and he’s wearing black said Telly.After the celebration I ask Terry if he was stealing thing’s from pepoles cuby’s and he said no I was not. I was trying to look for my extra clothes i thout someone maby but it in there cuby but i was not steling and I would never wear black when I just came to a new  school said Terry.Sorry we thout you stold something and you were a thife  said Telly ya it was not very nice said Maren.Where sorry we all said.Thats ok said Terry.THE END

i hoped you loved this fiction story                                                                                                                                                —–Jothame

How a liked making stories

hi my name is Jothame and i am 9 year’s old and i love to make stories it’s like the imagenation in your head and you just have to let it out bye righting it down i now 9 is realy young to start being a Author but trust be the more you work on it the more you will be greater and every one wants to be something when they grow up so keep on going and don’t give up i trust you that you will get there and follow me with my stories hope you like them