Daily Archives: October 6, 2017

The Surprise Birthday Party

Hi my name is Chloe I am 13 years old and today is my brothers birthday. I am going to surprise him with a party he is 6 years old turning 7. Right now he is in soccer and while he’s gone I’m going to invite my friends their names are Robin and Rose and there going¬† to help with the surprise party. Hi, said Chloe to her friends Robin and Rose. You are here Robin said let’s start making the cake, okay said Chloe and Rose. Chloe said pass the sugar please, okay said Robin, pass the butter said Rose,¬† okay said Chloe, pass the milk said Robin, okay said Rose. Chloe said my brother is on his way soon in about 10 more minutes until he comes. Okay said Rose we better get the cake in the oven okay said Robin .

The cake is ready explained Chloe just in time your brother is here explained Robin. Everybody hide and I’ll off the lights said Robin. 123 jump! Chloe’s brother was so surprised and happy. So they all ate the cake and had fun all day.